Bash ‘for’ Loop and Filenames With Spaces

A quick post for my own future reference, primarily.

After banging me face off the desk for a while trying to figure out how to batch-convert a heaping spoonful of space-laden-named Excel files to CSV for a project I’m doing for my wife, I found a solution in the $IFS environment variable. Thus:

IFS=$(echo -en "\n\b");
for i in $(ls -1 *.xls); do
xls2csv $i > $i.csv 2>/dev/null;

Easy as pie. And I don’t mean like a mince pie or something that many folks don’t even like, but like convincing toddler to eat a chocolate cream pie. Yeah, that easy.



  1. Eco-insulation

    Oh, I Don't Know…. » Bash ‘for’ Loop and Filenames With Spaces

  2. cannabisclub says:


    Oh, I Don't Know…. » Bash ‘for’ Loop and Filenames With Spaces

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