Merging Contacts on Android Phone

I don’t give a damn if it starts Jihad — my DROID could kick an iPhone’s ass with its keyboard locked shut and the screen powered off.

Still, at times, I want to shove it up the ass of a goat and send the goat off to the slaughter. The latest update to be deployed on Verizon Android devices is a great example of that, because it royally sucks. That and the camera — the DROID camera rots like a dead possum in the desert sun.

Today was another minor inconvenience that had me sternly telling my phone it was a pain in the ass: I was told that I could not edit Facebook contacts in my own phone’s contact list, and was given the options of “Done” and “Revert.” Revert what? You wouldn’t let me do anything in the first place!

Thankfully, after poking it with a stiff index finger and swiping at it like a cat playing with a ball of yarn (what the hell is with today’s animal theme with me?!?), I finally figured out how to resolve the problem.

Add a new contact by the same name as the one sync’ed from Facebook and save it. Then go in to edit that contact, and click the menu button to bring up additional options. Click “Join” and select the contact with whom you want to join the current record. Sometimes Android is able to intelligently match which contacts you would likely want to join (for example, Rodney DelaRosa with Rodney DelaRosa, which was what I first tried). Other times it could not (Anne Killins-Wahl with Boney Wailin). You can simply click “All Contacts” and scroll to the right one, though, which is fair enough. Then it will attempt to merge the contacts in a simple but logical fashion. You may need to edit a few fields sometimes, but I only had that problem once (oddly enough, with my wife’s contact info). Click “Done” and…. well, if you can’t guess what happens after that, maybe you can join the goat. Or possum. Or…. just go away.


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