PHP Network Upgrade Operation, Phase III: SQLite Compliance

The final of three planned phases of upgrades and improvements to the official worldwide PHP network is nearing a close, and this particular phase – though it was the simplest of the three – proved to be the most error-prone on our side. You can page through my communications with our army of mirror maintainers in the PHP news server archives.

First came the glitch with the Google Docs link to the application to become an official mirror. After a few rather embarrassing moments – despite the fact that the same link had worked every time until now – it appeared to be resolved.

Almost simultaneously, a bug was discovered in the console we use to administer the mirrors around the world. After receiving reports from systems administrators and datacenters from all corners of the globe stating that they were, indeed, in compliance, Hannes Magnusson applied a patch which successfully corrected the issues.

Now, however, it seems that we’re pretty much back on track for a successful completion of the third upgrade phase, which means that the PHP Webmaster Team can then focus on adding new features and fixing bugs with a common target system configuration in mind. It also means that the general PHP community will reap the benefits of a better, more stable, more powerful network.

As a side note, if you love PHP and want to give a quick thanks to the folks in your country who operate the mirrors you use, please check out the list of official mirrors and visit the website of the corresponding maintainer. If it weren’t for these dedicated folks providing hardware, bandwidth, and maintenance services free-of-charge, the PHP project would probably not be nearly as successful as it is today…. and you might still be waiting for that download of PHP 3 to finish!


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