Yeah, so don’t tell anyone….

…. but apparently I’m running a blog now. Justin will hate me, probably more than I hate myself, considering his loathing for the buzzword “blog.” Very similar to my disgust with the term “Web 2.0.”

Regardless, I’m putting this up for code samples and random ramblings, not to impress you.

So there.

P.S. – Want to know who is really to blame with this? Philip Olson from Ro-Sham-Bo. We’d been tinkering with his site, hosted on one my servers, and he’s running this hip-new-thing-like-ya’-heard-about called Serendipity. I had an extra domain (one I just picked up last month, actually) and some thoughts floating around in my cranium, bouncing off the inner walls, and decided that everything could culminate quite nicely in a voyeuristic fashion.

That, and perhaps I won’t forget some of this stuff six minutes after I think it up.


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